Derek Jeter

Brand Development Officer
Five-time World Series champion, 14-time All-Star, World Series MVP, Entrepreneur, Founder of the Turn 2 Foundation

Former New York Yankees Captain Derek Jeter has distinguished himself on the field during his 20 seasons in professional baseball, while also placing a huge emphasis on giving back to the community. During his rookie season in 1996, Derek established the Turn 2 Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping young people reach their full potential by fostering healthy lifestyles, leadership development, academic excellence, positive behavior and social change. It is this priority he places on healthy living that inspired him to join Luvo’s executive team as Brand Development Officer. Derek and the other Brand Ambassadors are helping people change the way they eat to inspire others to spark change.

“You have to learn what’s good for you, what’s not good for you, ingrain it into your mind and develop a lifestyle. The other Luvo ambassadors and I are helping people change the way they eat. It’s as simple as that—it’s a mission, not just a business.”

Brand Ambassadors

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Super Bowl champion, five-time Pro Bowl quarterback and the 2012 Rookie of the Year

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