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Beeting Around The Bush: How to Make Beet Ketchup

We all know ketchup is a requirement with summertime food. It’s impossible to imagine favorites like fresh ground burgers and crispy fries without ketchup—even if you’re opting for a turkey patty and sweet potato version. But regular ol’ ketchup is often loaded with high-fructose corn syrup and it’s a … Read more »

Learn How to Eat Wild Plants

Eating Wild Edible Plants

The idea of eating locally grown food has spread far and wide. The standard for many restaurants is to source as much of their menu as possible from farmers within a few hundred kilometres. But only eating items grown neatly in rows at a farm still leaves a lot of edible items uneaten—the wild ones. There are … Read more »

Melon 6 Ways

I made the totally amazing excellent discovery the other day (and probably many of you did as well if you’re on Pinterest) that watermelon pizza is a thing. I don’t mean replacing the pineapple on your Hawaiian pizza with watermelon, but using watermelon wedges in place of the pizza pie and adding toppings like fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts… Read more »

Grey is the new Green

3 Tasty Grey Smoothie Recipes to Try

While doing research and developing my 5-ingredient smoothies, I noticed that some of my smoothies didn’t come out the way I thought they would. Instead of bright pinks and blues that I pictured falling from Pinterest into my glass, I often got sludge-like substances that looked more like freshly poured concrete or something out of a puddle… in a parking lot… in a bad part of town… after it rained.… Read more »

6 Ways to Enjoy Your Vacation Faster

Do you ever feel guilty for relaxing when your to-do list is packed? A lot of people have a hard time relaxing without feeling the need to check their email, tidy up the house, or complete other tasks that prevent that terrible feeling that they are wasting their time. If you’re doing this, however, you’re not really relaxing at all, and you’re missing out on all the wonderfully rejuvenating, stress-reducing effects of taking some time for yourself.… Read more »

Make Your Own Jerky

Everyone’s into protein right now. Search the internet and you’ll see all sorts of ways to sneak more protein into your diet—here’s our take on it. One snack that’s often recommended as a source of protein is jerky, a tasty treat that can be a lean source of the macronutrient. But many store-bought versions are super high in sodium and stale from sitting on a shelf for a long time. The solution? Make your own. … Read more »

Insect-infused Dishes

I recently watched a documentary that featured young children from Venezuela’s Piaroa tribe scouring the jungle for giant tarantulas, which they subsequently skewered, roasted over an open fire, and ate with delight. While I found this equal parts shocking and fascinating, I realized that bugs, insects and creepy crawlies are a significant … Read more »