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Pickling 101: What Food to Pickle and How to do it

Pickling used to be something people did to preserve fresh foods for the cold winter—often vegetables, though meat, fruit and eggs also were commonly used. Many explorers and seafarers are known to have pickled foods to preserve them for long voyages, hopefully preventing scurvy along the way. These days most of us have … Read more »

What Fruits and Vegetables are in Season in October?

October’s here and you can probably feel it. The slight chill in the air, the multi-colored leaves, the fake cobwebs decorating the windows of spooky local retailers. The changing weather also means a shift in the produce that is available fresh near you. Cats in cooler locales may notice a serious drop-off, while those in southern zones of North America, or warm places around the world, will still have… Read more »

Four Ways to Supercharge Your Coffee

Some people consider their morning cup of joe (or two!) to be a vice. In reality, countless studies have shown there’s a benefit to regular coffee drinking, including a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, liver disease and cancer, dementia, and stroke. Plus, as we all know, the caffeine in coffee improves alertness, mood, and cognition. If you’d like to run your own personal study on that one just try talking to me … Read more »

Luvo Beer Pairings

Gone are the days of having to choose between identical tasting, watered down beers when you’re in the mood for a cold brew. In the past decade, craft breweries have surged onto the scene, growing from a tiny niche market to a thriving sector that now accounts for 12% of the total beer … Read more »

Beer versus Wine: Which is Healthier?

In life, there are two kinds of people: beer drinkers and wine drinkers. Wine tends to get all the health credit, while beer is synonymous with the dreaded beer belly. For years health experts have praised wine, hypothesizing that it’s high antioxidant content, specifically resveratrol, was the key to the drinks life-… Read more »

Are You Really Even a Foodie?

The word “foodie” gets tossed around a lot these days. Just read a few Twitter bios, you’re guaranteed to see someone refer to themselves as a grade A foodie. But what does it really mean? In our minds it simply means an interest in trying interesting and new food, understanding how … Read more »