If you’re like most people, you’re busy. So busy, in fact, that you often find your good intentions of eating better, exercising more and spending quality time relaxing falling off your priority list. What’s a super busy person to do? Here are some tips that might just surprise you!

5 Ways to Stay Healthy When You’re Super Busy

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Use your lunch break for more than just lunch

Enjoy your lunch, but once your done eating, instead of sitting at your computer looking at cute kitten GIFs on Instagram, get up and get moving. Go for a walk or if going outside isn’t an option, roam the halls or take to the stairs. Getting some exercise after lunch will help prevent that afternoon slump and lead to more productivity for the rest of your work day.

Plan your meals

Oh sure, you’ve heard this recommendation before, but that’s because it works. And instead of just planning a meal or two, plan as many as you can. That doesn’t mean you have write it down and analyze it. Don’t over-complicate it. Instead, take a little time during the weekend to map out your week in terms of meals. Organize a few recipes, plan your meals out. This takes the pressure off when it comes to ordering and buying food because you already have a good idea of the healthy foods you want to enjoy!

Put snacks everywhere

Well, maybe not everywhere, but put them in places you frequent often. At work, keep some in your desk, in your purse/workbag and pocket. In your car a lot? Put some in there too. They key is making your snacks nutritious and shelf-stable. Think nuts, dried fruit, granola bars, popcorn, and dried chickpeas! A nourishing snack fends off “hanger” and keeps you fueled for that busy day of yours.

Skip that after-dinner drink

Now you’re really not liking me, but if you’re so busy, don’t make after-dinner drinks a regular thing. You probably don’t need those extra calories or more sitting time. Yes, the occasional social drink is fine, but why not recommend changing the venue and activity? How about an after-work hike, run, paddle boarding session or walk? Hungry? Go out for smoothies or find a farmer’s market and pick out some fresh produce to enjoy.

Let people help you!

That’s right, there are plenty of people and services out there designed to make your life easier and more nutritious! In need of food advice? Turn to the nutrition expert, a registered dietitian nutritionist to help you figure out a plan that works for you. No time to grocery shop? No problem! Big chain grocery stores will gladly do the work for you and many of them allow you to do it by simply using an app on your phone. Try a meal prep service! They do all the chopping and measuring, making it easier to get dinner on the table faster!

Got a tip to make living a healthy lifestyle easier? We’d love to hear about it! Drop it in the comments section below.

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