It may be just a few weeks before Labor Day, but there’s still plenty of time to load up on summer eats. Not sure where to start? Try one of these six hot summer food trends before the season ends.

6 Food Trends to Try Before Summer Ends

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Elote in Everything

Elote corn is Mexican street corn, typically made by grilling a corn on the cob then slathering it with a mixture of salt, chili powder, cotija cheese, butter, lime juice and mayo or crema fresca. This summer elote takes the leap from street-side snack to appetizers and main dishes – think Mexican Street Corn Dip or Mexican Street Corn Pasta Salad.

CBD-Laced Food and Drinks

Restaurants and shops around the country are starting to add CBD, or cannabidiol, into lattes, cocktails, ice cream, salad bowls and more. CBD, derived from hemp, is legal in all U.S. states and has less than 0.3 percent THC (the illegal stuff that will get you high). CBD is thought to help relieve pain, lower stress, improve focus and help sleep.

Rolled Ice Cream

This summer trend began in Thailand, but can now be found all over the world. Also known as ice pan ice cream, or stir-fried ice cream, this handmade dessert is created by pouring milk onto a cold steel plate, adding in some toppings, then chopping and stirring the mixture while it freezes. The final product is rolled into multiple thin cylinders, for a final product that is as much a work of art as a cup of ice cream.

Unique Donut Flavors

Donut’s popularity has been rising for years, but this summer you’ll start to notice more unique and trendy donut flavor profiles. A recent visit to a popular donut shop in New York City yielded varieties like PBJ 2.0, filled with peanut butter whip, blackberry jam and topped with blackberry glaze, Sweet Corn and Blueberry filled with sweet corn custard, Apple Beignet topped with pecan streusel, and Hibiscus Glazed.

Wine on Tap

Kegs are traditionally associated with beer, but kegs of wine? Not so much. That’s starting to change this summer as the wine on tap trend continues to grow. Bottled wine quickly decreases in quality as soon as you open it, while wine stored in stainless steel kegs stays fresh and maintains its taste for much longer. Not only that, but kegs of wine are more sustainable compared to bottles – not only do they produce less material and trash, but they can be reused dozens of times.

Science-Based Eats

Veggie burgers have been popular for years but recently a new plant-based burger has been hitting shelves: The Impossible Burger. It’s one of the first plant-based burgers to look, cook and even “bleed” just like a beef burger – yet it’s made only from vegetables. The Impossible Burger is trying to change the face of veggie burgers. It was created in lab after over five years of research and development in order to mimic the taste, texture and smell of a beef burger but with no animal products.

What food trend are you most excited to try this summer? Share in the comments below.

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