Getting back to the work/school grind is always difficult, especially after weeks of fun under the sun. You’re trying to get your mind into crunching those numbers but it’s constantly drifting away to the summer that was – laying on the beach, exploring a new country, drinks and food on a patio… The struggle is definitely real so here are some tips to help you achieve that smooth return:

Set some personal goals

Goal setting isn’t just for January 1. September feels like the real start to a new year, so why not treat it like that and establish a few milestones or goals or wishes? Maybe you want to start training for a 10K run later in the year, or save a bit more money every month. It doesn’t matter what it is, writing down and committing to a few goals will give you purpose and help you hit the ground running this fall.

Set a few work goals

Since you’re returning to work, it makes sense to set a few goals related to your career too. What are some skills you want to learn? Are there any juicy projects you want to tackle, or other positions you want to shift into? Now’s the time to think about it, to get moving in the right direction when you hit the office.

8 Tips for a Smooth Return to Work After the Summer

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Think about your food

We all have high hopes when we go back to work after an absence, or even the weekend, to bring our lunch a bit more, and eat a bit healthier. Why not make a plan to make it happen? Here’s simple guide to weekly meal prep, in three steps. Meal prep not your thing? Luvo’s meals are close to 0 preparation – just remove them from the freezer and heat it up!

Comb your closet

One of the big questions when I go back to work in September is always, “What will I wear?” But instead of going out and buying a bunch of new clothes this year, why not consider starting with what you’ve got? Take a good hard look at your closet and see if there are any forgotten gems hidden in there. Maybe you have a few items that are in great condition, but just need a bit of tailoring to fit perfectly again. Fix up and pair together a few of your favorites and bam! You’ve got an inexpensive, simple and stylish minimalist wardrobe.

Pack your bag for tomorrow 

Slide right into the workweek by having your bag nearly ready to go by getting it packed the night before. It’s the most pleasing thing in the world to get your papers and computer ready ahead of time, then pop your lunch in and go. Try it for the first week back and you’ll be hooked.

Get a to do list app 

Going back to work means building up your to-do list. If you don’t already, you might want to consider using an app that helps you manage what you need to get done. There are tons options out there, and these things are designed to help your life run more smoothly. Check one out.

Start a new hobby

Getting back to work in September shouldn’t just be about work. Instead, look at it as a time to start something new that has nothing to do with your career. Learn to play the guitar, take up tennis, sign up for those German language lessons you always wanted to take. Starting a new hobby will actually make your transition to work smoother, because it’ll engage your brain in a new way, enhancing everything you do.

Start planning your next vacation

Science has shown that thinking about and planning vacations can be just as satisfying as vacations themselves, if not more. So you might as well start thinking about your next one now. It’ll provide some motivation and good daydreaming material during your return to work.

How do you avoid a rocky re-entry to the workplace after a sultry summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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