We all lead busy lives on top of having families, friends and/or significant others we take care of, for most, taking care of ourselves is a bit of an afterthought. Let’s resolve to stop that now and start reconnecting with ourselves daily.

We are usually so concerned with finding a way to fill every single moment of every day socializing with people whether in person or on social media. By spending some time alone, it’s a way to recharge our mental batteries and regroup. So throw out your FOMO and treat yourself to a date.

Below are seven ways to show ourselves love this month. And by all means, feel free to buy yourselves flowers or those pair of shoes that you’ve been eyeing up. That’s in the self-love category.

Change up your daily routine

Wake up earlier and give yourself time to get ready with a few morning rituals. Being frantic in the morning gives us unneeded anxiety. Try the Sleep Cycle App which also monitors our sleeping habits and helps us get better sleep. Set aside time to just sit by yourself and be silent. By giving yourself a little alone time for at least 20 minutes a day, it allows us to generate ideas, supports better mental clarity and has been said to improve memory. Go outside for a walk or run, sit in your favourite chair, but remember do this alone. Try a breathing exercise, Real Simple has several breathing routines you can try.

8 Ways to Celebrate Self-Love Today

Listen to your favourite song

Like truly listen to it or just go ahead and belt it out in the car or while you’re doing the dishes. If you are feeling extra courageous, go sing karaoke. Yes be bold and go to a spot where you would never go and sing your heart out to strangers. Once you do this, you can pretty much do anything!


The brain-benefits of exercise have been proven time and time again. Start your day by taking a workout class you feel completely ridiculous signing up for. Try hip hop, barre method, Zumba or kickboxing. Ask a friend or just brave it and go alone.

Dust off your bike and take it for a spin around your city. Catch the sunset at a viewing point and enjoy nature’s daily free show. Getting outside, being in nature can help deepen your own personal connection and support a more compassionate attitude to the world around you. Here are some more great suggestions to inspire your outdoor workout.

8 Ways to Celebrate Self-Love Today

Eat well

Be aware of what you’re putting into your body. You don’t need to only eat healthy foods, but make an effort to drink a lot of water and balance out your meals. Buy quality products at the grocery store so that you’re excited about the food you’re cooking with. Nothing livens up a meal like good bread, quality proteins or a fresh vegetable. Here are some great tips to help you have a more mindful eating experience.

8 Ways to Celebrate Self-Love Today

Go catch a matinée

See a movie in the middle of the day. Pack healthy snacks, choose popcorn with no butter, drink water and enjoy a half empty theatre. Both armrests are yours!

Tour a museum

Set out to see every square inch of a local museum, a new exhibit and spend as much times as you want interpreting them exactly how you want to. This way you don’t have to listen to another person’s thoughts or opinions and really have a chance to enjoy the space.

8 Ways to Celebrate Self-Love Today

Unfollow + Disconnect

Unfollow all of the Instagram accounts and Facebook friends that don’t inspire you or attractive positivity. Unsubscribe to all of the random e-newsletters that show up in your inbox. Start thinking about limiting the time you are giving to others and reinvest it in yourself. I find that going out without a phone or computer or setting time aside to finish that book, read a magazine or just sit quietly in a favourite spot can quickly recharge you after a busy week. Pick up an adult colouring book and become relaxed while getting your inner child out. Tune out everything while you become obsessed with staying in the lines.

How do you reconnect with yourself? Share your best practices in the comment section.

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