To the untrained eye, scrambled eggs might seem like one of the dullest things you can eat and the easiest to prepare. Just whisk some eggs, toss them in a hot pan, scramble and voila! All of this considered, how do you explain the fact that Gordon Ramsay’s scrambled eggs video has over 22 million views? Is there more to creating delicious scrambled eggs than we know?

8 Ways to Upgrade Scrambled Eggs c/o Luvo

As it turns out, there is a fine art to making scrambled eggs. You can really knock them out of the park and impress brunch guests by changing the way you approach this seemingly boring egg dish. Think of scrambled eggs as a beautiful blank canvas you can manipulate to create something amazing. Start by following Gordon’s instructions above, then enhance your scrambled eggs with these tips:

Make a Breakfast Burrito

The breakfast burrito is one of my personal favourites! Just cook your scrambled eggs, then wrap them up in a tortilla with your favorite burrito ingredients such as cheddar cheese, chopped green onion and salsa. Wrap it up then top with sour cream and any other garnishes you like. You can also do the same thing using taco shells. Yum!

Pep It Up With Pesto

Pesto is a wonderful condiment  that pairs well with many dishes. It’s also really easy to make. I like to make a big batch of pesto on a Sunday, then use it here and there in various things throughout the week. Pesto and eggs are a match made in heaven! Just prepare your scrambled eggs as you normally would, then stir in a few dollops of pesto and serve. Here’s a basic pesto recipe to get you started: Fresh Basil Pesto.

Stuff Them In An Avocado

Avocado everything is so hot right now! Conveniently, the hole left in the center of the avocado when you remove the pit is perfect for stuffing various delicious things, including cheesy scrambled eggs! Here’s the recipe: Cheesy Scrambled Eggs in Avocado.

Add Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs taste wonderful together, especially when you also stir in some cream cheese and chives. Top a buttered, toasted bagel with this mixture and you might not ever want to eat anything else!

Boost The Protein And Nutrition

Scrambled eggs get an extra nutritious upgrade when you add quinoa and spinach. Top with a little cheese and you’ve got an extra filling and tasty breakfast that Popeye would approve of. Here’s the recipe: Spinach Quinoa Scramble.

8 Ways to Upgrade Scrambled Eggs c/o Luvo

Make Them Savory With Soy Sauce

Soy sauce and eggs?! Yes, you heard right! Bon Appetit magazine has some great tips for making gourmet scrambled eggs, including adding ½ tsp of soy sauce to your eggs before whipping, then adding 2 thinly sliced scallions halfway through cooking. Yum!

Try Indian Scrambled Eggs

If you really want to transform your scrambled eggs into a hearty meal, try making them Indian-style! Add chopped veggies and Indian spices and serve with toasted Indian flatbread. The perfect dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Get the recipe: Indian Scrambled Eggs.

Kelp Scrambled Eggs (Serves 1)

This eggs are super creamy and have lots of minerals from the kelp.

Kelp Scrambled Eggs c/o Luvo


  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 tbsp whipping cream (sub for non-dairy cream if needed)
  • 4-6 strips dry kelp, cut in small pieces
  • Salt and pepper to taste
Kelp Scrambled Eggs c/o Luvo


  1. Add a bit of oil to a frying pan, toss in the kelp and fry for 2-4 minutes until crispy.
  2. In the meantime beat the eggs with the whipping cream (just to break the yolk and mix it with the cream).
  3. Add the eggs to the fried kelp, using a spatula, slowly swirl the mix until eggs start to set. Let them set for a bit, then swirl again at this point eggs should be creamy and cooked, about 3-4 minutes. Season with salt and pepper and serve.

Note: kelp is quite salty! So go easy on the seasoning

Kelp Scrambled Eggs c/o Luvo

How do you like to enhance your scrambled eggs? Share your tips in the comments and be sure to also download Luvo’s 7-day meal and fitness plan for more nutrition tips and recipes.

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