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Balls of Deliciousness

In There’s Something About Mary, Ben Stiller’s lovable character laments about his longing for the ability to enjoy a wider variety of meats on sticks. Forget the sticks… I would argue that foods in ball form are also deliciously convenient and don’t get the attention they deserve. Not only are balls great for on-the-go snacking just like the sticks, but they can also come in a variety of sweet or savory flavor combinations while packing a nutritious punch.

Here’s a rundown of some delicious balls you might like to try:

Sweet Vegan Balls

I created this recipe and submitted it over to my pals at The Vegan Project when I was learning about the wide world of plant-based eating. I still enjoy many delicious vegan foods even though I’m more of a flexitarian these days (if we must label me). If you have a chocolate tooth and an aversion to dairy, these are the balls for you: Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffles.

Savory Sesame Balls 

Roll anything in sesame seeds and I’ll eat it! The assembly process for these savory rice balls might be a bit complex, but it can also be a fun family activity. The dipping sauce sounds delicious too. These balls would make excellent appetizers or fuel for your next Netflix binge: Sesame Rice Balls with Red Pepper Dipping Sauce.

Muscle-Building Balls

Balls are particularly popular among fitness enthusiasts because many ball recipes contain the protein and energy required to ‘hammer those glutes’. One of my dearest friends is a champion vegan fitness competitor who also happens to have a killer sweet tooth. This combination has led her to create her own recipes that address her athletic fueling needs while appeasing her cravings for sweetness. I must say, she is getting quite good at it! Try one of her delicious ball recipes: Pineapple Coconut Protein Balls.

Date Nut Balls

Dates are a miraculous ingredient that can add rich sweetness and consistency to desserts. Cashews need no introduction. Put them together and you have a tasty option on hand for anytime snacking: Apricot, Date and Cashew Snack Balls.

Experiment with your own balls! 

The beauty of balls is that you can experiment and create flavor combinations that are most appealing to you. Many ball recipes are extremely easy to make (some don’t even require cooking), and depending what you put in them, they usually store or freeze well. Whip up some balls and improve your snacking abilities today.

Do you have any favorite ball recipes? Share them in the comments or over on Twitter at @luvoinc.

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