It’s the age-old debate, right alongside which came first—the chicken or the egg? As with your diet and your denim, there’s no one-size-fits all approach. It boils down to what works for you. What I encourage, however, is to become calorie aware, and to strive to eat calories that work hard for you.

Here’s what that means: At my morning coffee stop, I noticed that a buttery croissant clocks in at 260 calories whereas an egg and spinach breakfast wrap has 290. Is the croissant a calorie bargain? The answer lies in which of those foods will do a better job filling you up and providing you the nutrition you need to perform at your best—whether that’s a morning yoga routine or a meeting with your boss.

If you took my cues, you landed on the breakfast wrap being the better calorie bet. It’s packed with protein from eggs, fiber from a whole grain wrap, and vitamins and minerals from the medley of spinach and tomatoes. The croissant, on the other hand, is devoid of any meaningful amounts of fiber or nutrients, and has just a touch of protein—hardly enough to fuel your morning. It’s made up mainly of white flour, which is easily digested and doesn’t last in your stomach long enough to tame the mid-morning hunger rumbles.

If you’re looking to lose a few points, tracking your calories—or at least what you eat—can be a smart strategy. Studies suggest that tracking your food intake can turbo charge weight loss. One study found that keeping a food journal was a better predictor of weight loss than anything else—including exercise.

If you’re simply looking to fuel your body with healthy food, my advice is to build your meals the way Luvo does—around fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and a portion of whole grains. Eating this way will generally keep you in a good calorie range (no calorie math required!) and will give your body the energy it needs to focus at work, power through a session at the gym, and keep up with your errands.

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