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How to Eat Healthy at an All-Inclusive Resort

All-inclusive resorts are great because you don’t have to think too hard about where you’re going to go to eat or what you’re going to prepare for yourself. That’s part of the vacation relaxation allure… you can just roll off the beach or get up from your recliner by the pool and grab a bite whenever you feel hungry. Or, order some food and not even have to get up. However, with huge spreads of food available at all hours of the day and in unlimited proportions, it can be easy to get carried away. … Read more »

7 Ways to Make Camping Food Better

It’s camping season. You know what that means: time to pack up our gear, head out into the wilderness and eat boring, bland meals. Right? No way! It doesn’t have to be like that. Here are a few ideas for making your food better when you’re roughing it in the sticks.… Read more »

How to Stick to Your Routine While Traveling

I travel a lot. Case in point: over the course of the past year I’ve spent over six months away from home. When I was younger, being in another city, state or country was less frequent and therefore felt more… Read more »

7 Kitchen Tools Dietitians Can’t Live Without

Ask a dietitian their favorite food or recipe and you’re sure to get a passionate response. Ask a dietitian about their favorite kitchen tools, and you’ll get some real insight into how to create their favorite go-to meals! Here’s a list of the top 7 kitchen tools dietitians can’t live without.… Read more »

9 Tips for People Who Can’t Cook

We’ve all been that person—the one who can’t cook. We aren’t born knowing how to scramble an egg or make perfect guacamole or stir fry water chestnuts, we had to learn them. It’s a process. A bit of reading, a lot of watching friends and family and Auntie YouTube. But with a bit of effort and a good amount of practice, you can get there. Here are a few tips for people who are just beginning their food-cooking journey.… Read more »

7 Reasons to Start Running

The weather’s turning as winter slides into spring. The days are longer and the sun is showing up more often. For many of us, it means it’s an invitation to spend more time outside, to emerge from hibernation for fresh air and outdoor exercise. Sure, the gym has been great, but it’s time to see the sky again. And what better time of … Read more »

Morning Routines for Better Health

The word “routine” sounds so boring. Routines tend to be monotonous, tedious and dull. But that’s kind of the point. A regular morning routine can make the difference between a focused and productive day or a stressful day spent playing catch up.… Read more »