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7 Reasons to Start Running

The weather’s turning as winter slides into spring. The days are longer and the sun is showing up more often. For many of us, it means it’s an invitation to spend more time outside, to emerge from hibernation for fresh air and outdoor exercise. Sure, the gym has been great, but it’s time to see the sky again. And what better time of … Read more »

Why You Shouldn’t Do Exercise You Hate

Already dreading that early morning boot camp? Are your 30 minutes on the elliptical starting to feel like 30 years? Not getting that post-workout high everyone keeps talking about?

Exercise has tons of benefits. It’s been shown to help relieve stress and anxiety. It gives you time for a mental break, a moment to … Read more »

7 Ways to Fit in Workouts Despite the Winter Weather

Winter’s here and the weather outside is frightful. It’s cold and snowy across much of the land, which, for some of us, is all the reason we need to stop exercising and hibernate. Why go out, where it’s cold, when you can stay inside, on the couch, where it’s cozy and there are snacks?… Read more »

4 Uncommon Sports to Try This Winter

Technically, winter is just around the corner, which means it’s cold, the days are short, and our cozy socks and slippers are always nearby. At this point in the year, you have two options: stay indoors and hibernate for a few months with a good book or 20, or decide that the season’s not going to affect your ability to get your heart rate up. If you choose the latter, here are a few sports and activities you may have previously scoffed … Read more »

Dai Manuel’s Chore Workout

Keeping up with your fitness goals is easy when you open your eyes to all the possibilities around you in your day-to-day life. Take chores, for example. Getting your elbow grease flowing is a great way to burn some calories while enjoying the satisfaction of knocking tasks off your to-do list. I especially love this workout because my partner’s love language just happens to be acts of … Read more »

The Best Pre-Workout Snacks

If your idea of pre-workout noshing is grabbing a few leftover cookies from an empty conference room, it’s time to rethink your afternoon snack choice. If you’re putting in the time to exercise, it’s worth it to properly fuel your body. Not only will you get a better workout, but you’ll recover faster and build more muscle.… Read more »