When you think about chickpeas, it usually revolves around falafel and hummus or tossing a few in your salad here and there. But these little round beans—that are a great source of fiber and protein and filled with vitamins like B6 and potassium —also make great desserts.

Yes, you read that properly, dessert. You can make all kinds of desserts using chickpeas as your base, so not only will they be high in protein, but also if you’re looking for gluten-free you’ve come to the right place. These Seriously Good Desserts You Can Make From Chickpeas are all prepped sans flour. It’s a healthier way to indulge in your faves.

For the most part you’ll need to make sure to drain and rinse the beans (unless of course you’re using the chickpea water for the dessert—see the mousse option below). Let us know how it goes!

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Let’s start things off with the classic chocolate chip cookie. This past time served with milk favorite, only needs a few changes from your regular chocolate chip cookie process. Plus you can always eat the mixture raw (because everyone loves cookie dough, right?) or bake up a bunch. Try this recipe: Chocolate Chip Chickpea Cookies from The Frugal Girls


Do blondies have more fun? The answer is yup! A crispy on the outside, soft on the inside blondie is the perfect pairing to your morning coffee or you know just because. Trying using cinnamon as your secret weapon—seems simple but goes a long way. Try this recipe: Cinnamon Chickpea Blondies from Veggie Inspired

Chocolate Cake

Like your flourless torte’s younger healthier sister, this cake is a rich dense dessert, which is sure to please your chocolate sweet tooth. Plus, you can make it with no butter or oil! Add in some espresso powder to really bring out the chocolaty flavor. Try this recipe: Chocolate Chickpea Cake from Alida’s Kitchen

Chocolate Mousse

For this one you’re going to need to use the water from the chickpea can. So after you’ve used the peas to make something savory, use the leftover liquid to make something sweet. If you beat the chickpea liquid, known as aquafaba, it will froth into meringue. Add in chocolate and some sweetener and you’ve got bubbly chocolate mousse. Try this recipe: Mousse Au Chocolat from Mouthwatering Vegan

Obsessed with chickpeas? Tell us your favorite chickpea creations in the comments below!

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