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How to Not Get Fired After Your Office Holiday Party

The holidays can be a stressful time in the office as everyone scrambles to get work done before taking a little time off, but they’re also a time for spreading cheer. Generous colleagues, clients and friends bring in decadent snacks and offer other festive gestures, and the line often becomes blurred where enjoying boozy beverages on the job is concerned. But just because the usual protocol becomes hazy around the holidays doesn’t mean you should throw your inhibitions into a snow bank.

Case in point: the office holiday soiree.

Social engagements with coworkers can provide an excellent opportunity to connect on a more meaningful level, but when we get too heavy handed with the spiked eggnog, things can easily fall off the rails. Avoid making common office holiday party faux pas by following these simple suggestions:

Don’t pre-drink… pre-EAT!

The practice of pre-drinking dates back to ancient times when young people on limited budgets wanted to get the most buzz for their bucks by drinking cheaper beverages at home before going to the bar. Now that you’re a gainfully employed adult, getting as tipsy as you can on a limited budget likely isn’t your main goal anymore. And if your office party has an open bar, your wallet doesn’t even come into play. Instead of pre-drinking and increasing the possibility of overindulging in alcoholic beverages, consider pre-eating so that rum and eggnog doesn’t go straight to your noggin.

Drink strategically 

An open bar can be dangerous if you don’t have a plan. If you are enjoying alcoholic beverages, be sure to pace yourself and alternate with glasses of water. This will also help prevent a terrible hangover the next day, which is especially important if you have to work.

Curb your enthusiasm

While it’s lovely and often encouraged to show your appreciation for your coworkers around the holiday season, it’s also prudent to resist the urge to get overly touchy-feely with them. Try your best to maintain respectful interactions and resist the urge to give your CEO a bear hug and a noogie. And if you’ve always wanted to make out with your crush from another department, you will likely regret the drunken PDA in front of your boss.

Don’t be a shamer

If one of your coworkers happens to get too drunk and starts to embarrass themselves, don’t be a jerk and post photos. They’ll likely feel bad enough the next day and you wouldn’t want them to do that to you.

Know when to call it a night 

Even if there’s an after party that all the cool kids from the office are attending, try to resist the urge to keep partying into the wee hours. There’s a reason why they say “nothing good happens after 2am”.

Appreciate the party planners

Plenty of hard work goes into organizing a holiday party, and the party organizers don’t usually get to enjoy it as much as the attendees. That’s because they’re running around replenishing the crackers for the festive cheese ball or making sure everyone gets a safe ride home at the end of the night. Be sure to show your appreciation for this hard work by simply saying thank you or even bringing the organizers a gesture of your gratitude, such as a bottle of wine.

Show up to work the next day 

If you have to work the next day and you’re super hung over, don’t be tempted to call in sick. Your coworkers are likely in the same boat as you so you can all support one another, plus it will be pretty obvious why you’re not there!

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