Play with your food! That’s right, we said it and we believe it! While we know our amazing line of frozen meals are perfectly delicious as they are, we love to see how people can create their own inspired dishes from them. That’s why our Fresh blog features so many of our favorite meal “hacks.” From turning bowls into wraps and oatmeal into parfaits, the sky is really the limit! And when we challenged registered dietitian, Ellie Krieger, the host of Ellie’s Real Good Food, to have her hand at a few Luvo “hacks,” we were beyond excited about what she created.

Ellie Turns Our Orange Mango Chicken Into

Wraps! That’s right, Ellie thought “outside the box” literally, when she turned one of our favorite Luvo meals into a wrap. How do you make them? It’s really as simple as warming up the Orange Mango Meal and spooning it onto lettuce leaves. Then, it’s all about the toppings. Ellie smartly added some crunch with cashews and a bit of spice with a simple splash of sriracha hot sauce. This is a “hack” we’ll be keeping on our lunch rotation!

Ellie Turns our Red Wine Braised Beef and Polenta Into

A Noodle Dish! But Ellie didn’t use just any noodles for her hack, she used asparagus noodles! What? Asparagus noodles? Yes, you heard that right and making them is as easy as taking out your peeler and literally peeling away the layers of asparagus spears. And your reward? Why a big, beautiful pile of nourishing asparagus noodles. We love Ellie’s great, creative hack for incorporating more vegetables into this awesome Luvo meal, need more veggie noodle inspiration? Check out our how-to guide.

We love Ellie’s ingenuity and know you are just as inventive! Drop some of your favorite Luvo hacks down in the comments.