Not to brag or anything, but my freezer game is pretty strong. I love to use this major appliance to save time and make healthy eating easy for my family. Don’t get me wrong – I love preparing meals from fresh ingredients whenever possible, but there’s nothing wrong with saving time for those nights when you want to go for a bike ride or play outside with your kids.

If you’re interested in stepping up your freezer game, here’s how I make the most of that box above your fridge (or below, depending on the model):

Make meals in big batches

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but we make big batches of our favorite family meals then freeze them to enjoy in the month ahead. You can save even more time by cooking these meals in your slow cooker. Some of our favorite kid-pleasing freezer meals are: Shepherd’s pie, spaghetti bolognaise sauce (just defrost sauce and cook noodles as needed), and whitefish curry coconut stew.

Freeze quick snacks 

Your freezer is also an ideal place to store quick snacks like edamame, homemade energy balls, and granola bars. Defrost and go!

Stock up on staples

In addition to prepared meals and quick snacks, I like to keep a variety of meats in the freezer in case the mood strikes to make a hearty dinner from scratch. I also freeze pizza dough for the same purpose.

Have a freezer party

Sounds chillier than it is… get some friends together any night of the week and have each person make a different frozen components and big-batch meals. Then you can swap individual servings to keep your freezer contents interesting.

Supplement with Luvo

When your freezer supplies get low, nothing saves your butt better than having a stack of Luvo meals on standby!

How do you keep your freezer game strong? Share your suggestions below, and be sure to sign up for Luvo’s newsletter for more nutritious recipes and exclusive giveaways.