Not too long ago, a young rapper broke the internet by donning a tracksuit emblazoned with his favorite ramen brand. He looked like a human-sized package of ramen and it was spectacular. His rap career has yet to take off, but it’s going to be hard to forget that tracksuit.

People seem to be fascinated by food themed fashions, with food brands quick to jump into the fashion world to get a piece of the trendy pie. Several have launched limited edition collections, making the masses drool over the hard-to-get garments. A lot of them are more marketing stunts than anything, but it’s fun to fantasize about owning a closet full of your favorite fast food fashions.

Here’s a list of some fun food fashions in case you feel like literally wearing what you eat:

The Best Food x Fashion Collaborations

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Kale Sweats

The kale trend is still going strong, so it makes sense that people would want to proclaim their undying love for the leafy green by wearing it proudly. The most famous instance of kale fashion is a sweatshirt with the word ‘Kale’ across the chest in the style of a university logo. Why is this one more notable than others? It made an appearance in a Beyonce video… no big deal.

Fried Chicken Fashions

Do you like fried chicken? Maybe a little too much? Instead of stuffing your face with it, why not stuff your closet with some KFC apparel? They’ve got sweatshirts, pins, socks, and even a Colonel Sanders style tuxedo t-shirt.

Avant Garde Avocados 

Avocado love has become so prolific that people have taken to proclaiming their penchant for the fruit by wearing it on their sleeves (or feet, or legs). Well and Good put together an awesome round-up of avocado themed fashions. Most impressive: the Betsey Johnson avocado purse

Ketchup Doritos Streetwear

In Canada, we love our ketchup chips, and Doritos decided to get in on this love by launching their own ketchup flavor. They also launched a line of Ketchup Doritos streetwear that actually impressed streetwear aficionados. I’d gladly wear that bomber jacket!

Burger Suit 

Ramen not your thing? How about a tracksuit covered in Big Macs or Egg McMuffins? Trying to keep up with the other fast food apparel lines, McDonald’s launched its own collection.

Lettuce Turnip the Beet

Out of all the food fashions, the one that wins my heart is this pun. You’ve probably heard it before, and now you can buy it on Etsy in the form of cute t-shirts and tote bags!

Pepperoni Scarf

Not to be outdone by other fast food brands, Pizza Hut dropped an apparel line featuring a highly coveted pepperoni scarf, pepperoni socks, and even yoga pants (or just stretchy pants for when you plan to eat lots of pizza?).

The Meat Dress

How could we forget the most controversial food fashion statement of all time? The infamous Lady Gaga meat dress, which made such an impact it has its own Wikipedia page.

One question that’s on our minds… how come most food fashions feature fast food (say that 10 times fast)? Conditions are ripe for someone to corner the market for healthy food apparel. Could there be a Luvo collection in the future? Time will tell.

What’s your favourite food fashion? Share it in the comments below!

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