Totally amazing, excellent discovery alert: You can make a lot of neat and tasty stuff in foil packets on the BBQ–not just your standard potato packets (still delish, don’t get me wrong).

 My mind was blown this past weekend when I discovered a video that demonstrated how to make salsa, hummus, and bruschetta toppings in foil packets on the barbecue. Yes, that’s right! By simply placing your ingredients in a little foil package on the warm (not super hot) part of your grill, you can make flavorful sides, snacks and condiments of all kinds in a snap!

The beauty of grilling your food inside foil packets is twofold: a) the packet acts as a little steam-cooker, sealing in the moisture and flavors of your ingredients (and you know how much we love steam here at Luvo), and b) clean up is super easy since the mess is contained inside the foil and your grill stays clean too. Neat!

Want to cook more stuff inside foil packets on your grill? Who doesn’t?! Aside from the quick and easy recipes in the video linked above, here are some foil packs you might want to try:

Cheesy Potatoes

I love digging into a pile of tender and delicious foil-packet-cooked potatoes. It’s a classic summer BBQ side for a reason, pairing perfectly with a variety of grilled fish and meat. If you’re looking for a classic recipe without too much muss or fuss, The Kitchn has a tasty looking one that adds some melty cheesy goodness right at the end of cooking: Cheesy Grilled Potato Packets.

Spiced Nuts

Did you know you can amp up a casual mixed nut snack by letting them sizzle in some butter and spices inside a foil packet on the BBQ? Well now you do. Just toss a couple handfuls of your favorite salted nut medley into a foil pack with some seasonings (I highly recommend smoked paprika) and a blob of butter and let it sizzle away for about eight minutes on medium heat, turning frequently. Yum!

Lemon Tilapia and Summer Vegetables

You have to admit, whether you’re using parchment or foil, fish tastes pretty darn good when steamed inside a packet. This recipe uses fresh lemon slices, zucchini and peppers to amplify the summery flavors: Grilled Lemon Tilapia and Summer Vegetables in a Foil Packet.

Shrimp and Black Bean Packets

You can also use your trusty foil packet to produce delicious taco stuffings. This recipe combines Mexican spices with shrimp and black beans in the foil packet, which stew together into a flavor fiesta. Stuff inside the tortilla or lettuce wrap of your choice, or throw together a tasty taco salad. It’s super good-for-you too: Shrimp, Black Bean and Pineapple Foil Packets.

Bread Pudding

Think you can’t cook an amazing dessert inside a foil pack on the grill? Think again! This one uses fresh raspberries and lemon, which makes for a wonderful summer BBQ dessert: Grilled Lemon Raspberry Bread Pudding.

What do you like to cook inside your foil packets? Share in the comments below!
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