With winter, comes cold weather (at least for some of us) and that cold weather makes us crave comfort food. Snuggling in our pj’s and cozying up to a warm bowl of mac and cheese or chicken pot pie leaves us feeling like we just got a big hug. But those comfort foods also tend to be heavy on the calories and saturated fat. That’s certainly not the kind of hug our body needs. So what’s a comfort-food-lover to do? Why, ask the dietitian of course!

No, don’t cringe. There are some pretty kitchen-savvy Registered Dietitian’s out there who know a thing or two about tasty food. Luckily for us they also have some pretty great tricks for turning your favorite comfort foods into nourishing meals. And we’ve asked them to give us some of their favorite comfort foods that just happen to have a nutritious twist!

Let’s Start With Breakfast! 

How About Some Sides? 

Plenty Of Pasta Riffs!

23 Healthier Comfort Food Recipes

Other Comfort Classics! 

And Finally, Dessert!

What’s your favorite comfort food? Share in the comments section below!

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