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Your Guide to the Healthiest Purple Foods

Purple food is one of the hottest health food trends of the year. But you don’t need a bottle of food dye to enjoy this trend. There’s tons of naturally purple foods, rich in the antioxidant anthocyanin, which gives food it’s purple hue. Anthocyanins have been studied for everything from cancer protection to cognitive function to cardiovascular health. Plus, it looks pretty on your plate!

Embrace the trend and add these 9 purple foods to your plate:

Your Guide to the Healthiest Purple Foods c/o Luvo

Black rice – Even though it’s called black rice, it’s actually purple. Black rice, also called forbidden rice, is a whole grain rice with an inky black color that turns purple after cooking. It tastes just like brown rice, with a slightly sweeter taste. Try it in: Crispy Kale, Black Rice and Coconut Salad, Coconut Black Rice Breakfast Pudding

Elderberries – Elderberries are a small purple berry that have a long history of use in traditional medicine, where they’ve been used for everything from cold and flu relief to a natural laxative and diuretic. Because elderberries are very tart and bitter, most people enjoy them as a jam or in teas. Try it in: DIY Ginger, Cinnamon and Elderberry Syrup

Your Guide to the Healthiest Purple Foods c/o Luvo

Acai – An antioxidant rich Amazonian berry, acai berries taste like a tart-sweet berry with notes of chocolate. It sounds exotic, but it’s easy to find frozen acai puree in most well-stocked grocery stores, and acai bowls are widely available at smoothie cafes. Try it in: Tropical Acai Bowl, Beauty Green Smoothie

Purple corn – Also called blue corn, it is most commonly used in chicha morada, a purple corn drink made in Peru. It tastes almost the same as yellow corn, but with a more complex, slightly fruity flavor. It may be hard to hunt down fresh or dried purple corn, but blue corn grits or blue tortilla chips are more widely available. Try it in: Chica Morada

Purple potatoes – Although white potatoes are nutrient rich, contrary to popular belief, purple potatoes are a nutrition powerhouse. You can find purple sweet potatoes and purple “white” potatoes, both of which are packed with anthocyanins. One study found a daily dose of purple potatoes can help lower blood pressure. Try it in: Purple Sweet Potatoes with Miso Butter, Loaded Purple Hasselback Potatoes

Your Guide to the Healthiest Purple Foods c/o Luvo

Eggplant – Don’t peel off it’s bright purple skin! It’s rich in an anthocyanin called nasunin, which is protective for brain and cardiovascular health. If you find eggplant too bitter, salt it and let it drain in a colander before cooking. Try it in: Baba Ganoush, Dan Dan Eggplant Noodles

Purple cabbage – Purple cabbage, sometimes referred to as red cabbage, has a slightly earthier flavor than green cabbage. Plus, it’s rich hue is a gorgeous addition to salads and slaws, where it packs a slightly bitter crunch. Try it in: Cumin Chickpea Tacos with Purple Cabbage Slaw, Purple Cabbage Smoothie

Blackberries – Tart blackberries have one of the highest antioxidant contents of any food. In the summer, look for pick-your-own blackberry farms and stock up. Freeze or make jam out of what you don’t eat. Try it in: PB&J Breakfast Cake, Blackberry Basil Salad

Your Guide to the Healthiest Purple Foods c/o Luvo

Plums – Purchase fresh plums in season or enjoy dried plums all year! With juicy, sweet flesh and tart skin, plums are delicious in desserts, like fruit tarts, or in savory applications. With naturally occurring sorbitol, plums are helpful for promoting bowel regularity. Try it in: Balsamic Plum Stuffed Chicken, Peach & Plum Caprese Salad

Your Guide to the Healthiest Purple Foods c/o Luvo
Your Guide to the Healthiest Purple Foods c/o Luvo

What is your favorite purple food? Any new ones you’d like to try? Let us know in the comments section below and be sure to sign-up for Luvo’s newsletter for more nutritious recipes and exclusive giveaways.

3 thoughts on “Your Guide to the Healthiest Purple Foods”

  1. I love eggplant, purple grapes and berries, but I believe we can include one of my favorites which is figs, I think they can be included in the list. I am sure there are many more that I am overlooking or yet to discover but purple is my favorite color so I will continue to search them out.

  2. cat says:

    Purple is my favorite color, so just give me a plate full of purple! WHICH I WILL MAKE ONE DAY!

    Violets, concord grapes, purple potatoes, purple SWEET potato, purple cabbage, umeboshi (pickled plum). I’m still looking for purple spinach, purple basil, anything purple basically (haha).

  3. Linda Cohen says:

    I love beets! As a little girl, my grandmother gave me cottage cheese and pickled beets; I loved seeing the cottage cheese turn that wonderful color. That treat is still a mainstay in my diet as are roasted beets. Perfect for dressing up salads.

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