Traditional hummus is a simple mix of chickpeas, tahini (sesame paste), olive oil, garlic and lemon juice. The resulting blend provides a hefty dose of plant-based protein, fiber and healthy fat. It’s the perfect dip for raw veggies such as peppers or carrots and crunchy pita chips, or you can use it as a sandwich spread in place of mayo or mustard.

Making your own hummus is quick and simple and requires just a few ingredients. One taste of warm, creamy hummus right out of the food processor bowl and you’ll never go back to the store-bought stuff again.

While hummus is traditionally made from chickpeas, you can make it with a variety of other pulses or vegetables. Lentils, black beans, carrots, beets – you name it, you can make a hummus spread with it. Here are nine homemade hummus recipes that swap chickpeas for other beans and vegetables.

Roasted Beet Hummus by Liz Shaw from Shaw’s Simple Swaps

Beets are packed with antioxidants and lend a pretty pink hue to the final hummus product. Save time by using pre-peeled and roasted beets, found in the prepared veggie section in your supermarket.

Red Lentil and Roasted Carrot Hummus by Lindsey Pine from Tasty Balance Nutrition

Red lentils don’t have an outer skin, so they break down completely when you cook them making it easy to process them into a smooth and creamy hummus. They are paired with sweet roasted carrots in this colorful orange dip.

Edamame and Avocado Hummus by Julie Harrington from RDelicious Kitchen

Edamame is a young soybean and full of plant-based protein and fiber. Adding avocado to this hummus provides some healthy fat and makes for an even creamier dip.

Roasted Red Pepper and Mung Bean Dip by Chelsey Amer of C It Nutritionally

Mung beans don’t require any soaking, making them a cinch to prepare. Plus they’re packed with protein and fiber. This dip is loaded with roasted red peppers and mung beans and would be delicious spread onto a sandwich or tossed on top of a salad.

Buffalo Butternut Squash Hummus by Kelli Shallal from the Hungry Hobby

In this bright orange dip, sweet roasted butternut squash comes together with spicy buffalo sauce and creamy tahini for a tasty riff on hummus. Save time (and arm muscles) by purchasing cubed and peeled butternut squash.

Butter Bean Dip by Cheryl Meyer from Dish and Delite

You probably know butter beans by their other name: lima beans. Don’t let that turn you away from this tasty dip. Canned butter beans have a rich and buttery (duh) flavor that pairs well with crackers and bread. Use it as a high-protein alternative to butter or margarine spreads.

Chili Lime Black Bean Dip by Jessica Elyse from Smart Nutrition

This black bean dip features salsa and lime for a zesty hummus alternative. Pair it with whole wheat pita chips or use it as a base for tacos.

Pumpkin Hummus by Ashley from My Heart Beets

Try this slightly sweet hummus as a dessert or snack. It combines pumpkin, tahini and turmeric. Try pairing the dip with some chipped cucumbers.

Lemon Herb White Bean Dip by Debbie from Dietitian Debbie Dishes

This white bean hummus uses eight ingredients and takes just five minutes to make. It features a combination of rosemary and thyme, but you can experiment with other fresh herbs.

Try these recipes and share any substitutions or surprises in the comments section. !

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