It’s easy for your refrigerator to become cluttered and messy, especially if you like to cook or collect condiments like me. Maintaining fridge cleanliness is important and helps keep your food fresh, so don’t let it become a smelly science experiment! Here’s how to clean your fridge like a pro:

How to Clean Your Fridge

Daily maintenance is key 

Is the cap of your ketchup bottle a gummy mess? Are there rings of food residue on your shelves? Dried up cilantro leaves in the crisper? This can all be avoided if you clean up these tiny messes right when they happen. The longer you let them fester, the harder it will be for you to clean them.

Keep an eye on the bad apples 

There’s a reason why they say a bad apple spoils the whole bunch! Check the condition of fresh food in your fridge regularly and discard of things that are rotting or getting mouldy. If you don’t, they could spoil the rest of your fridge contents fast.

The outside counts too! 

I like to cook a lot, so the handle of my fridge gets messy with fingerprints pretty quick. Wipe doors, edges and the top of your fridge every few days to keep it sparkling clean.

The seasonal ‘big clean’

You don’t have to deep clean your fridge every week, but you should do a deep clean every few months. For this big job, let us defer to the queen: Martha Stewart. Here’s her guide:

  • Turn off the power to your fridge at the circuit breaker.
  • Remove all food and store it in a cooler while you clean.
  • Remove shelves and let them come to room temperature before you wash them.
  • Clean the inside of the fridge and shelving and dry it well with a cloth.
  • Turn the fridge power back on, and put the food back inside once it’s cold enough.

What should you use to clean your fridge? 

Martha says to mix 2 tbsps baking soda with a quart of hot water, which will help control odors. Don’t use bleach or detergents because they can contain icky chemicals that can contaminate your food, in addition to strong scents that your food could absorb.

Getting rid of strong odors

If your fridge still smells off after a good clean, try spreading baking soda or coffee grounds on a tray, then putting it inside your fridge with the door closed for a while. That should take care of any lingering odors.

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