We’re just going to assume you’re as obsessed with the freezer as we are. Nowhere else can you keep things good for as long as you can in the freezer. It’s great for cutting down on wasted food—if you’re not going to eat it now you can save it for later, like months later. You can also buy meat in bulk and split it up into individual packages and take out as necessary. Plus it houses the ice cream. And yum, ice cream.

But sometimes the freezer starts to pile up and you’ll find a bag of soup you made last winter hidden in the back or a random chicken breast you’re not actually sure when and where you bought. Is that stuff still good? How long do things actually last in the freezer?

As much as we’d like things to keep forever in that crispy cold space, things do have a freezer expiry date and just like the fridge everything is on its own timeline.

So, to make it easy, we’ve created a quick cheat sheet so you can master your freezer freshness like a pro. Here we go…

Ground Meat

Whether you’ve made some homemade burgers and are storing them for a weekend BBQ or it’s a package of ground turkey you’re saving to make chili with, ground meat of all kinds will last for 3 to 4 months.


The freezer is great for storing bread. Especially, to pull out a piece here and there and pop it in the toaster. The rule is if the bread is baked it will probably last 2-3 months. Unbaked will last about a month.


Can you believe milk can be frozen? Well it can! Milk will last about 3-6 months.

Uncooked Seafood

Went by the market and bought a delicious whole salmon but don’t plan on having anyone over for a while? You can freeze fatty fish for 2-3 months and lean fish for 6 months. Other seafood like crab, shrimps, scallops and squids last for 2 months.

Raw Poultry

It’s always good to keep a few extra breasts in the freezer for some last minute meals. You’ve got 9 months with poultry parts, like that aforementioned breast. A whole chicken or turkey will probably last for a whole years


Making soup is tons of fun, but there are also usually tons of leftovers. Freeze soup for 2 to 3 months.


Mmm pizza. Will last about 1-2 months.


Frozen fruit is so awesome to throw into smoothies and for baking. Fruit should last about 9 months to a year.

Ice Cream

For those late night couch hang cravings, ice cream lasts about 2 months—if you don’t eat it all before then.

Leftovers (aka cooked food)

For saving those extra pieces of ham that didn’t get eaten at Christmas dinner or for your Luvo meals, cooked meals will last about 2 to 4 months.

Of course it’s always helpful to use freezer specific storage bags and containers and if you’re freezing liquid be sure to leave it a little extra room—liquids expand as they freeze. And be sure to grab a sharpie and mark the dates you put things in there. That way you’ll know how long it’s been in there. Happy freezing!

What’s your freezer usually packed full with? Tell us in the comments!

*Data pulled from the FDAFarmer’s Almanac and FoodSafety.gov 

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