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How to Freeze Grains

You might not know it yet, but your freezer is your friend in more ways than one. Many foods you may not have considered are totally freezable. That’s right… your freezer is even better than you thought at helping you plan your meals, save time during the week, and keep your food as nutritious and fresh as possible until you’re ready to chow down.

Case in point: many whole grains are excellent candidates for freezing. Freezing them dry will help them last up to twice as long as in the cupboard (check out this handy chart about the shelf life of different grains). You can also freeze them after cooking and use them for quick and easy meals later.

A few whole grains that freeze well include:

If you want to try freezing other grains, do a quick internet search to find out if they’re freezable – not all grains will work.

How to freeze cooked grains

Freezing cooked whole grains is as easy as 1-2-3! Here’s how:

  • Cook a large batch of grains and let them cool
  • Put single-size or family-size servings of cooked grains in into plastic freezer bags
  • Store them in the freezer until you’re ready to eat!

How to use your frozen grains

When the time comes make a meal with your frozen grains, all you have to do is put them in a microwave safe dish, add a little water and zap! Or, add water and warm them in a saucepan over low heat.

Need some meal ideas? Here are a few:

  • Season cooked grains with fresh chopped herbs and a vinaigrette for a quick side dish
  • Sprinkle cooked grains into your big salad to make it extra filling
  • Stir your cooked grains into a steamed vegetable medley and serve with your favorite green dressing

Have you ever tried freezing whole grains? Share your tips in the comments or over on Twitter at @luvoinc.

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