Ask a dietitian their favorite food or recipe and you’re sure to get a passionate response. Ask a dietitian about their favorite kitchen tools, and you’ll get some real insight into how to create their favorite go-to meals! Here’s a list of the top 7 kitchen tools dietitians can’t live without.

Food Processor

“Even with a Vitamix, I still can’t live without my food processor! I use it at least once a week, but usually much more. There are certain recipes that just come out better texture-wise with it, like any of my energy bars, black bean brownies, or my husband’s salsa.” -Kelly Jones MS, RD, CSSD, LDN co-founder of the Fit Fueling virtual course.

Also use it to make this Unicorn Smoothie by Luvo!

Unicorn Smoothie

“An inexpensive but indispensable tool I use all the time is a zester. I recommend both a microplane zester for making quick work of producing fine zest, as well as a regular zesting tool for making larger strips. In this recipe for lacto-fermented Moroccan-spice carrots, I use my regular zesting tool to make long strips of lemon zest that will be visible in the brine.” -Catherine Brown, Plant-based Chef & Culinary Nutritionist at A Seat at My Table

Also use it to make this sumac, coconut, tomato and watermelon salad by Luvo!

Sumac, Coconut, and Tomato Watermelon Salad

“My Nutribullet blender is my favorite kitchen appliance! It helps me whip up quick and nutritious smoothies anytime, with minimal cleanup. Try it out to make my pineapple strawberry banana smoothie – chock full of fiber and nutrients, it’s sure to be a refreshing treat!” -Rachael Schirmer, RD, LDN, Founder of

Also use it to make this jalapeno popper kale soup by Luvo!

Jalapeño Popper Kale Soup
Kitchen Scale

“I love, love my OXO kitchen scales. Folks who think they aren’t a good baker could be SO much better by simply weighing ingredients. This is especially true with gluten free baking and whole grain baking as both of these often use flours that aren’t as forgiving with using too much or too little. This Greek yogurt pound cake is the perfect example. It’s a little lighter than a traditional recipe and uses some whole wheat flour, so getting the amounts correct ensures a better tasting cake. -Regan Jones, RD, owner of Healthy Aperture.


“I cannot live without my large Cuisinart toaster oven that can bake 12” pizza. I make flatbread and tortilla pizzas on the regular and they just don’t fit in a traditional toaster oven. It’s way faster and uses so much less energy than heating up the oven which is especially appreciated during the summer. One example is this berry fruit tart with grape balsamic drizzle.” -Lauren Harris-Pincus, MS, RDN, author of The Protein-Packed Breakfast Club.

Learn how to make sweet potato toast from Luvo

Cast Iron Skillet

“I couldn’t live without my 10-inch cast iron skillet. It has a permanent home on my stove top (I rarely put it away) and I use it everyday for everything from sauteeing onions to roasting chicken to baking fruit crisps. Use it to make this Mediterranean egg and spinach strata.” -Katie Sullivan Morford, MS, RD cookbook author and the writer behind Mom’s Kitchen Handbook.

Learn how to cook with your cast iron from Luvo!

Citrus Juicer

“I can’t live without my citrus juicer! I have a tree full of lemons, and juice them almost daily to add to homemade salad dressing, fruit sauces, and smoothies~like this yummy spiced pomegranate lemon lassi.” -EA Stewart, Integrative dietitian & food blogger at The Spicy RD

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