Deliciously messy foods seem to be enjoyed more during the hot summer months than in the winter. Is it because we’re outside most of the time and don’t need to worry about getting our kitchens and homes messy? Or the fact that letting your popsicle melt all over you isn’t that big of a deal considering you can just jump in the lake and wash it all off? One thing’s for sure… eating messy snacks and meals outside in the summer sun is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Here’s our list of foods you probably want to enjoy in your backyard, at a picnic, or at your campsite, and not so much at the dining room table.


Melting chocolate, oozing marshmallows, crumbling graham crackers… a combination of tasty treats definitely worth getting your face and hands covered in sticky goodness. The fact that these glorious dessert sandwiches are usually made and consumed around campfires in the summer means you pretty much have no choice but to eat them outside.


Considering that watermelon is 92% water, it’s darn near impossible to eat it without its sweet juice running everywhere. Unless you get fancy and cut it up for a watermelon salad like this one, which, we have heard, also tastes better when you eat it in the sunshine.


Freezies are probably one of the most efficient outdoor foods of all, especially on those blistering hot days. Just holding these frosty tubes in your hand is enough to cool you down, and squeezing the sweet ice into your mouth cools your insides too. Just don’t eat it too fast in case you are susceptible to brain freeze. 

Corn on the cob

From husking to grilling to dousing generously in some sort of savory butter concoction to biting into its sweet sweet kernels and getting them stuck in your teeth – there’s nothing elegant about eating corn on the cob. You might as well throw down a tarp in the back yard, wear a garbage bag as a shirt and go to town. 

Ice cream cones

Unless you’re some sort of superhero who never gets brain freeze and inhales everything in one mouthful, it’s pretty hard to eat an ice cream cone without it dripping everywhere. And who wouldn’t want to take some extra time to savor that cool, creamy goodness while strolling along the waterfront? That’s an ideal summer afternoon right there. 


Eating a flavored block of ice on a stick isn’t something you want to do indoors, unless you like to live dangerously and don’t mind having to rent a carpet steam cleaner. Might as well just hunker down on the porch and have at ‘er.

Crab or lobster

Also in the category of foods you have to eat with your hands, crustaceans are both delicious and fun to eat outdoors. It’s an interactive experience to be shared with your closest friends and family. For best results, throw down some newspaper on a picnic table, dump your boiled crab or lobster in a communal pile and dig in with some melted butter on the side for dipping. Must. Go. Now. Mouth. Watering…

What’s your favorite food to eat outdoors? Share in the comments!

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