Thanks to Bon Appetit, I recently found out that the singular term for spaghetti is ‘spaghetto’ and my world turned upside down. I also found out that noodles and pasta aren’t the same thing (duh). They differ in their ingredients and how they are made. Pasta, of which there are over 350 varieties, is generally made with durum semolina flour. Noodles are generally made with flour milled from common wheat. And then of course you have rice noodles (made with rice flour) and soba noodles (made with buckwheat flour). You can even find noodles made out of quinoa and sweet potatoes these days.

Who knew the wonderful world of noodles was so complex? If your head is spinning, take this quiz to find your noodle identity in this crazy world. Happy National Noodle Day!

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