Stuck with leftover wine? Hard to imagine, but it happens! Instead of tossing away the last few bits of wine, or letting it sour in the back of the fridge, try one of these wine saving tricks.

Wine Ice Cubes

Don’t you hate it when a recipe calls for a few tablespoons of wine, forcing you to open an entire bottle for just a small amount? Next time you have extra wine, pour it into an ice tray, cover with saran wrap and freeze. Then when you need a little wine to deglaze your pan to make a sauce or add rich flavor to a tomato sauce, pop out a few cubes. You could also use wine ice cubes to chill a mixed drink, like sangria, without watering it down.

Make Vinegar

Have you ever left a bottle of open wine out a few days, only to discover it tastes like sour vinegar when you pour a glass? Well, that’s because it is! Red and white wine vinegar is simply aged and fermented wine, so why not try making your own at home? What’s great about making your own wine vinegar is that you can mix in different types, so it’s perfect if you entertain frequently. Try this recipe for DIY wine vinegar.

Fertilize Your Plants

Do you compost? If so, pour extra wine into your composter, which adds nitrogen and helps activate the bacteria. Just be sure too add extra dry material, like dead leaves, to make up for the extra liquid.

Clean Your House

With it’s acidic pH, leftover wine can be used to clean many household surfaces, including widows, kitchen countertops and bathtubs. It smells a lot better than most cleaners too! Obviously, you’ll want white wine for this, unless red is your favorite color.

Cook Something Delicious

Wine can be used to enliven the flavor of a variety of dishes, ranging from rich meaty stews to sweet fruit syrups. Use this guide to help pick the right recipe to for your wine.

Enjoy a Wine and Luvo Pairing

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a wine saving trick, but it is a fun way to enjoy those last bits of wine. After all, the best way to enjoy wine is to drink it! Why not pour one more small glass paired with your favorite Luvo entrée. Here’s the best Luvo pairings for red wine and white wine.

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