Regifting is a touchy subject. Some frown upon it, some embrace it. I say if you can do it gracefully and you’re not hurting anyone’s feelings, there’s nothing wrong with passing something along to be enjoyed more wholeheartedly by another person. Here are some tips to follow if you want to regift like a pro:

Regifting DON’T: Avoid regifting within the same circle of friends or another common social group. For example: It’s totally fine to regift something from a coworker to one of your buddies from high school, but don’t regift to another coworker unless you’re into awkward water cooler convos.

Regifting DO: Did you get a bottle of red wine and you only drink white? Save that bottle of red for a regift down the road! Plus, it’s always handy to have a host gift on-hand for those last minute dinner invitations. (This goes hand-in-hand with the rule of never showing up empty handed from our post on How to Be A Dinner Party Pro.)

Regifting DON’T: It’s never a good look to regift something you’ve already removed from its original packaging. You don’t want the recipient to know you’re regifting because it might feel less special to them. Be a stealth regifter and only regift items that haven’t been opened (or that you can close without evidence of tampering).

Regifting DO: If you’re paranoid you’ll be busted or you genuinely don’t know anyone who would like the gift, why not regift it to a charity organization? The item can either go to someone who can use it, or be sold in a charity thrift store for much needed funds.

Regifting DON’T: Don’t regift things that were handmade for you with love, such as art, clothing or baked goods. A) The item likely won’t have the intended sentimental value for someone else, and B) there is no B because you’re a cold, heartless jerk and I’m done!

Regifting BONUS DO: All the other rules kind of fly out the window with this one, so only do it if you REALLY want to embrace the regift: Make a game out of it! Host a party after the holiday and encourage everyone to bring something they want to regift. Put everyone’s names into a hat, then the first person called gets their pick of the regifts. The next person called can either steal the first person’s gift, or pick a different one from the table. And so on…

Good luck with your regifting! Have you ever regifted, or been the recipient of a regift? Tell your story in the comments!

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