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Five Trendy Condiments You Should Snag Immediately!

When it comes to stocking your fridge with condiments, look beyond the usual suspects. Ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and jelly, are all must-haves, but not so useful for jazzing up easy weeknight meals. A unique condiment or two is all it takes to turn a simple recipe into a gourmet creation. Trendy new condiments are great for getting you out of a meal rut – those go-to recipes can always stand to be accessorized. Snag one of these trendy condiments next time you’re at the store. It might be just the thing to get you excited about cooking after a long day of work!

Five Trendy Condiments You Should Snag Immediately c/o Luvo


A savory and thick chile pepper sauce with North African roots, harissa is made by blending roasted red peppers with hot chilies, garlic, spices and oil. It amps up almost any dish. Add a kick to burgers by blending a little harissa into the meat, mix equal parts harissa and mayo for a spicy sandwich spread, or toss chopped vegetables with harissa and olive oil before roasting. Stir a dollop into your Luvo kale and ricotta ravioli if you like things on the spicy side! If you can’t find it at the store, try making your own with this recipe from Luvo.

Savory Jam

Unlike traditional fruit-based jams and jellies, savory jam is a versatile alternative with a rich flavor that goes well in dishes throughout the day. Try bacon jam on toast with cream cheese for breakfast. For lunch, spread pepper jelly or tomato jam into a melty grilled cheese sandwich. Savory jam, especially sweet and spicy blends of fruit and jalapeno or habanero, also makes a tasty glaze for meat. Bacon jam is especially delicious mixed into Luvo’s roasted cauliflower mac and cheese bowl.


A flavorful Korean condiment, gochujang is red pepper paste that adds a unique sweet heat to a variety of dishes. Made from red chiles, sticky rice, and fermented soybeans, its thicker consistency makes it great for spreading or dipping, but it also mixes well into soups and stews. Gochujang’s most popular use is in traditional Korean bibimbap, although it is used in many traditional Korean dishes. You can find gochujang at most Asian markets and many well stocked grocery stores. Try gochujang over Luvo’s Hawaiian un-fried rice for a fusion lunch. Here’s a guide with more information on gochujang.

Kewpie Mayo

A Japanese take on traditional mayonnaise, Kewpie mayo is made with rice vinegar instead of distilled vinegar. It’s been popular in Japan since it was introduced in the 1920s, but is just becoming popular among the foodie crowd in The States. You can use it just as you would regular may – it’s great in salads, sandwiches and burgers, or even as creamy drizzle over fish tacos or Luvo’s quinoa and veggie enchilada verde bowl.

Hot Honey

No longer just for adding sweetness, hot honey takes it up a few spicy notches. While the most obvious dish is a drizzle of hot honey over chicken & waffles, also give it a try on roasted vegetables, over crispy woodfire pizza (don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!), or, of course, atop warm homemade biscuits.

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