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About Us

Putting it all on the plate

Luvo Entree: Orange Mango Chicken

Quality protein

Quality protein, whether from antibiotic-free meat or poultry or plant proteins.

Whole grains

Nourishing grains are a building block of balanced meals.

Fruits and veggies

The backbone of a nutritious plate, we have a full serving in every meal!

Our Nutrition Principles

A full serving of fruits and veggies. Appropriate levels of sodium and sugar. High in fiber. Whole grains. Meats raised without antibiotics. That’s the kind of talk that gets us excited. Meals made with ingredients your body needs and flavors your taste buds will marvel over.

  • Full serving of produce in every meal

  • Emphasis on whole grains

  • Less than 500mg sodium

  • Responsible with added sugar

  • Less than 500 calories

  • Meats & poultry raised without hormones or antibiotics

  • No artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners

  • Non-GMO soy, corn & canola

  • Vegetarian & gluten free options

  • rBST-free dairy

Our philosophy

We want to make it easy to make good choices by creating wholesome, nutritious meals that taste amazing. And we’re doing it by sticking with a few guiding principles:

Food should be delicious

If it doesn’t make your mouth water and your heart happy, you won’t want to eat it.

Food should be nutritious

Every body is different, but one thing we all need is good nutrition.

The smart choice should be an easy choice. Maybe you’re short on time or sticking to a budget. Or, you’re on the go and just can’t find any good options. We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice nutrition or taste in the name of convenience.

Food should come from a good place

Where your food comes from makes a big difference—not just to your body, but to the world as well.